Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: Good Riddance

2008: not my favorite year ever. Lost too many people, had the cancer scare.

Trying to remember that there were good things too:
- friends got married
- friends had babies
- I got to visit friends and family
- I bought a car, perhaps becoming a grownup in the process
- Barack Obama was elected President of the United States
- I am kicking ass this year in the classroom (not to mention taking names)
- I have a wonderful group of friends who live close and far and love me no matter what
- I have a wonderful family who lives close and far and loves me no matter what
- I got to visit the motherland two times, reconnecting with a wonderful group of women who would do anything for me and for whom I would do anything


Jen said...

the motherland? do you mean mhc? :) to add to your list, i'm also grateful for facebook which sounds crazy but i hadn't talked to you much in years, and now it's like we're still in college. sorta. so three cheers for that. :)

cmk said...

Yes, the motherland is MHC!

And yes, Facebook should be added as a love of my life, facilitating reconnecting with friends. :)