Friday, December 12, 2008

End of the Week!

Thank goodness, I made it. Only one more week until vacation, much needed at this point. Vacation shall last for two+ weeks and shall involve approximately one week sans internet access, as the house I grew up in doesn't have it anymore. But that will be good, to spend some time off the information grid. It's often a deluge, sometimes good and sometimes overwhelming. Ironically, I'll probably get more done while I'm off the grid and I'll get to spend some "quality time" with my brothers, given that they will also be home for a week or so and also will have no internets.

Driving home in a week and a half, on Tuesday, December 23. 10-12 hours in the car depending on when I leave and the traffic situation. Advantage: probably not taking my cat with me, which makes for a less stressful ride. Advantage: could conceivably be well-rested enough to get up at the crack of stupid (4 am?) to get through either Philly or Harrisburg pre-rush hour traffic and be home in NH before Boston rush hour. Advantage: new car with plug in for iPod = just listening to music the whole way and not being distracted by changing radio stations.

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