Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blessings in Disguise

I like to think that stuff in life works out the way it's "supposed" to. My version of being zen about things, I guess. Sometimes it's hard to see, but it'll be ok, or at least I hope so. The upside of quitting my job? I get to be open to new possibilities: moving someplace new, making new friends, trying something else out.

Current locations on the table: Seattle, Houston, various locales in New England. All jobs applied for involve something new in some fashion: new subject to teach, new "population," totally new job.

The permutations seem to be endless, which is both scary as all get out and liberating at the same time. One day at a time. Breathe in and out. And in the meantime, enjoy the ride.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


As many of you regular readers know, one of my dear friends from childhood passed away last year from cancer. Stacy was a talented artist. Her family has decided to make prints of her work available to support a facility which provides free or low-cost accommodations to patients and families of those undergoing treatment at Western Pennsylvania Hospital.

The website of the charity is up and you, too, can purchase prints. Stacy's Helping Hands

Want more information?
You can read the blog that Stacy kept about her treatment here.
You can read about what Stacy meant to me and the condolence note that I sent to her mom.

Then, you can go buy a print.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Continuing with a Theme...

of wondering about the little things in life: who decided that all cough syrup should be artificial cherry flavor? I hate hate hate artificial cherry flavor.

Also, I need more spring break. The college tour wore me out. Still. Some more. Wonder what would happen if I took religious ideals to their fullest and called out for resurrection? If I was crucified tomorrow, then I would be able to be back to school on Thursday, no problem, and would nearly be able to finish the school year before the Ascension (assuming I was held to the same 40-day time period). I'd at least get the kids done with their AP exam.

(Horribly sacrilegious, I know, I know.)

I saw Girlyman on Saturday night at the Barns at Wolf Trap. They were wonderful, per usual. Opening for them was Adrianne, also wonderful. (Bought her CD "Burn Me Up," which I am already singing along to...) My 9th Girlyman concert, 4th in Virginia, 2nd at the Barns.

(Where else have I seen them? Funny you should ask, since I was just thinking about that the other day: Marblehead, MA; Brattleboro, VT; Lancaster, MA; Newmarket, NH; Cambridge, MA; 2x at Jamin' Java in Vienna, VA; + 2x at the Barns.)

And that, my friends, is the end of the random for today.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Next Step

So, mom has come through her surgery ok. Next step: pathology.

Conundrum: I only occasionally drink orange juice, but when I do, I buy it in one of those containers that is mostly cardboard, but which also has a plastic spout doohickey. My county asks us to separate our paper recycling from our glass/plastic recycling. So, when the container is done, do I put it in the paper/cardboard or the glass/plastic?