Monday, September 6, 2010

Teaching & Learning

I wonder if by making the kids read this article, you could change their study habits and improve their grades? Hmm. (from the NYT)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The End of Summer

It's Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of the summer. Of course, there are still a few weeks until the equinox, but we're definitely on the slow slide into cool weather and shorter days. Summer weather is done -- no more 90 degrees days, I think. Last night, the temperature dropped into the 50s, which made for some nice sleeping weather. (Sleeping weather, though not actual sleeping, unfortunately.)

Have been spending spare time knitting -- lots of baby hats, since I know at least 6 people who are pregnant. Also spending time pulling together a new version of my philosophy of education statement and some actual good, solid cover letters, ones that say what I want to say about education and teaching. The 2009 job search was such a wild, desperate adventure; I would prefer not to do it that way ever again.

What questions do you ask (can you ask) to find out if the administration/supervision situation is good or nutty ahead of time? This is the next sort of thing to figure out. Now that I've had really good supervision, I would like to continue that. I've been spoiled, in a way.