Thursday, April 2, 2009

Next Step

So, mom has come through her surgery ok. Next step: pathology.

Conundrum: I only occasionally drink orange juice, but when I do, I buy it in one of those containers that is mostly cardboard, but which also has a plastic spout doohickey. My county asks us to separate our paper recycling from our glass/plastic recycling. So, when the container is done, do I put it in the paper/cardboard or the glass/plastic?


Katie O said...

Two things -- I'm so glad JK's surgery went well; I thought about her a lot today.

Second -- I'm not entirely sure that plastic-coated cardboard can be recycled ... plastic spout or no. They wouldn't let us in Bloomington, which is practically the recycling capital of the world.

jen said...

We could in Boston and here in CT; I never separated the spout. I suppose you could for absolute sureness, but one little carton is probably ok.

Happy thoughts for your mom.