Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Grief

Charlie Brown. I can't even come up with anything good to say, other than this: unfortunately, spring break is over and we're headed back to school in the morning. This is yucky because I am sick, with a nasty cold that I came down with on the college trip. (College trip: 27 kids, 12 colleges, 4 days, 3 chaperones, 2 states, 1 school bus. Yikes.) Oh, and my cat died last Monday. And my mom is having surgery on Thursday.

On the plus side, I'm going to see my fav band Girlyman on Saturday and one of my best friends from college is taking me to see Indigo Girls in June.


jen said...

yipes, stripes. chin up, cynthia! it's warming up, the flowers are starting to grow, and things have got to get better. and good luck with the cold--I still have remnants of one I started before break two weeks ago.

Katie O said...

Yay Indigo Girls in June! (and Girlyman, but I'm not going to that ... ) Boo to everything else, but best wishes for JK on Thursday.