Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NH Part 2

While I'm in NH, I'm hanging out with my family and getting together with a few friends here and there. I have spent a lot of time with my grandparents, who I basically see once a year now -- they're 90 and I know they won't be here forever, so it's nice to spend some time with them. They're still pretty funny and interesting, though their bodies are failing a bit.

I had lunch today with a friend from graduate school and it was very interesting and fun. It's really curious to get together with someone who you used to work with to talk about the people that you both used to work with and that you don't quite remember anymore. There's something else deep to say, I'm sure, but it's just not happening right now.

It's been raining a bunch in NH, so my plans for the beach have been stymied. Mom has stuck around since my car's in the shop (and what a saga that's been) and we've been going to knitting stores. Lots of fun, though I'm just browsing -- trying not to purchase items to complete specific projects until previous projects have been completed!

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