Thursday, April 24, 2008

Family in Town

Well, my family is in town, and my mom and aunt unexpectedly showed up at school... This doesn't happen to me very often, as most of the time they live far, far away! But all of a sudden, there they were! Everyone's in town for my aunt's memorial service at Arlington tomorrow.

(Ok, so she wasn't really my aunt. But that's the easiest relationship to shorthand in this case, given the closeness of the extended Greek family. Technically, she was my mom's first cousin, my first cousin once-removed. But who wants to explain that? And she did once introduce me to someone as her niece. So, she was my aunt.)

I get to drive into DC tomorrow to pick up my cousins at Union Station, which should be ok, as adventures go. DC's not bad, the grid and all that, and it's midday, so traffic shouldn't be an issue.

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