Sunday, April 13, 2008

News Items

From the NYT, an article about quirky gifts to colleges... If I ever have money, how could I donate it to MHC so as to hamstring them most effectively? (Just kidding... I want a building named after me! Or not. Plus, it's a somewhat pointless exercise to think about, since unless I hit the lottery, which I don't play, I won't ever have the funds to do such a thing!)

Also from the NYT, a bit about the revival of Greek yogurt, which my aunt has been making in her kitchen for years. And now people want to eat it who aren't Greek!


SKH said...

I think sometimes about what I would name a building at MHC, if that were ever to become a reality. I don't like the idea of naming it after myself, but I can't come up with an alternative either. I like that the Kendade building is an acronym for the donor's children's first names. Ultimately though, I'd take a building named for a rich donor over a building named for a corporate entity any day.

cmk said...

True, true. Let's hear it for rich alums, no matter if their names be Clapp, Hooker, or anything else.