Sunday, April 27, 2008


I haven't lived in the DC metro area for very long. I think that at this point, I have a good idea of how the roads all work, which came in handy this weekend. I picked up my cousins at Union Station, which was painless. We made it to the hotel, and again, painless. I then volunteered to drive ('cause I'm crazy) to Arlington National Ceremony and then back to my uncle's house for food, a post-funeral "reception." Saturday I drove around again, to visit my great aunt, back to the hotel, and then again to my uncle's house, just our family. I sat around the dining room table with my mom, my aunts Melanie, Lauren, & Lindy, and my great aunt Alice. They all told stories about driving mishaps and how they met their husbands. It was pretty neat to sit around and hear those stories.

It was also really nice to see my family again. I know I'm biased, but I think they're awesome. I'm excited that we'll be gathering again (at least some of us) in NH this summer.

Now that I've done all of this driving, I feel like a real DC-area resident. I navigated not only the beltway, but also the back roads too, plus missing a turn on the directions from Arlington to Ken's. It was a long weekend and it was also short.

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