Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm the adviser to my school's chapter of the National Honor Society. I was a member back in the day and one of the only things I remember doing was selling candy bars to raise money for a scholarship that we gave at the end of the year. I also remember answering letters to Santa that local kids sent -- we got to write back to them, as Santa. It's a struggle sometimes, getting these busy kids to jump in and take on something else, a project for NHS. But my kids did it, for only the second time this year... I don't think it's part of my job to hound them about getting service projects organized. They have enough to do, you know? Plus, if they're seriously unmotivated, my riding them is just going to make our relationship messed up. So, I leave them alone and support them when they decide to get up and make something happen. That being said, this week:

My kids organized an observance of the Day of Silence at our school. They're selling the stickers that they ordered and they're sending the money back to GLSEN as a donation so they can continue their work. How awesome... They got up at assembly today to announce the event, explain the reasoning behind it, and invite everyone to participate. I wonder how many kids will? I know that it also doesn't really matter. Knowing that it was spearheaded by kids makes it worth it no matter how many of them participate.

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