Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting Closer

With each passing moment, I am getting closer to my move. I have not heard from the job in the midwest, though I thought I would have heard by now. This makes me nervous on some level and I'm having a bit of trouble sitting still this weekend and concentrating on the packing. I'm doing a good job sorting my stuff as I pack, which I'm glad about. There are many many bags of trash ready to be picked up by the trash collection on Monday. Regardless of whether I get the job, I'll be well packed/sorted.

I also should do some thinking about a job interview that I have to do online (?!?) on Monday, especially if I don't get this job in the midwest. I know that I need to do the interview even if I don't actually want the job. Can I actually afford to turn down a job that I'm not sure I'll like?

Anyway, I'll be moving soon regardless. Oy.

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