Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Visiting and Walking

One of my brothers is visiting me from Boston where he's a Latin teacher. We're both on spring break, which means that I'm getting caught up on sleep. I picked him up from BWI on Monday morning, then we drove to DC. We got a good bagel for a late breakfast and then went a walking. Nick really wanted to see the Supreme Court, his favorite branch of the federal government. Late lunch and then we went home. We walked about 4 miles. (Past the Easter Egg roll on the White House lawn, the women protesting human rights in China, the little girl wearing the "president elect 2032" t-shirt, and the circus parade with the line of elephants walking down E Street near Union Station.)

Today we went to Annapolis for coffee & reading in a bookshop, then lunch, then took the long way home. We spent the afternoon on the couch watching old "West Wing" episodes. Tomorrow we're going to look at new places for my roommates and me to live, since we're being evicted from our house sometime in the next few weeks, we think. (Hopefully we won't have to move until Memorial Day weekend, but who knows?)

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