Monday, March 31, 2008

First Day Back

Gosh, I like being at school with kids. They are funny and interesting and interested in me.

The thing I don't like about school is the extras, the things that I need to do outside of actual teaching. They get overwhelming at times. Today's extra tasks: finishing report card comments, setting up a National Honor Society meeting for Wednesday, preparing a report for our school recertification process, choosing books for next year's courses (and therefore deciding what exactly I'll be teaching), and preparing a syllabus for the new AP course that I'll be teaching next year so that I can be "certified" by the College Board people.

Fortunately, I finished the report card comments, set up the NHS meeting, and started the book choosing process and preparing the syllabus. I'm hoping to do some work on the recertification report tomorrow.

When it's all done, I'll feel accomplished, but until then, I'll just feel that I should have worked more over break. (Though I really enjoyed doing nothing...)

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