Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Field Trips Galore

I teach at a small independent (read: private) school in southern Maryland, in the sticks, but close to the cities of DC and Baltimore. It's convenient for trips and for field trips -- chances are, if you're studying things, you're close enough to a relevant exhibit that you can just pick up and go. So, today I took my 10th graders to the Holocaust Museum to conclude our study of genocide in the 20th century. It never fails to surprise me that no matter how well the kids are behaved (and they were extremely), I end the day completely pooped. Tomorrow, I'm tagging along with the Upper School Latin students to an art museum in Baltimore. So, I don't doubt that I'll be pooped tomorrow, but stuck at school until 6pm with after school study hall. Thank goodness spring break begins after school tomorrow.

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