Saturday, March 29, 2008

End of Break

My brother left early Thursday morning and ever since, I've been lazy. Sleeping, reading, a little schoolwork and a trip to the gym. That's it. It's nice to spend some time with no one but myself, just hanging out.

I also seem to be spending some time sorting through clothes, packing up stuff in my closet, putting books into boxes in preparation for the move that will be coming. We got caught up (we assume) in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage collapse. I rent a house with two other teachers from my school and our landlord had this house foreclosed on, which has left us with uncertain legal status. Friends have suggested, possibly quite likely, that we are squatters. We haven't paid rent since October, since we're unsure who actually owns the house. The mortgage company/bank which bought the property wants to resell it, but won't assess it with people living in it, since it's generally assumed these days that renters (and owners) who are evicted will trash the place on the way out. (We won't be, but apparently we're in the minority.)

We went on Wednesday morning to look for some new places to live. Found a few nice townhouses in towns which are right on the bay, which would be nice. They are off the beaten path (as opposed to right on a highway with traffic going by at 65 mph). I'm hoping that we can find enough people from school who will help us move when the time comes... there will be bribes, certainly.

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