Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blind Dates and Other Observations

I went on a blind double date last night, courtesy of Crazy Blind Date. It's the funniest concept: you enter info about what you're looking for (age, education level, etc.) and a time that you'd like to meet someone and they set you up. I met three other people at a swanky hotel bar in DC at 6 pm and we sat and chatted until about 7:45, when one of the daters had to go to a party. But seriously, so much fun. When you get home, you fill out a feedback form -- apparently I was highly rated as a date, which is cool. Observation on dating: I haven't met anyone new in so long and it takes a long time to get to know someone. The conversation last night never lagged, but really, I only found out somewhat superficial things about them. I know where they're from originally and what they do for work and fun, but have no idea about other things.

And another thing: why do my menstrual supplies need to be pink with polka dots?

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