Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poor Neglected Blog

Here it is, October, and I haven't posted anything in almost two months! I think that I have less to say about the state of the world when I am busy and happy. And I am relatively busy and happy -- the new job is working out well, though occasionally my head spins from moving from shoestring budget non-profit land to corporate largesse. Best part about my new job might be my 9-to-5 existence (cue up your Dolly Parton here). It leaves my evenings and weekends free to, you know, have a life, which is pretty amazing. I didn't even have that at the Girl Scouts back in the day. I have joined a knitting group on Wednesday evenings and I'm actually making some friends who I don't work with! Such a revelation.

It's Columbus Day weekend this weekend, and for the first time in my working life, I do not have a day off on Monday. My next paid holiday doesn't come until Thanksgiving. I have bought my plane ticket home for Christmas, as I only get a few days off (one official day + three vacation days + a weekend = 5 days home plus one day to recover when I get back).

I hope that all is well with the rest of you! My life seems to move faster every time I check on it. Enjoy the ride!

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