Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun on a Slow Tuesday

It's amazing how one little suggestion can make your whole day into a ball of fun, even if nothing ends up happening as a result of that suggestion. Exhibit A, from today:
- K's dad forwarded her an email from an airline about a sale they were having. Said email was intended to alert her to fares that could be used when her mom visits for Thanksgiving.
- K looked at the email and said, "Hey, fares to Boston are wicked cheap. $39 each way!"
- K forwarded me the email and pointed out fares. "Wouldn't it be fun to go to Boston for a random weekend?"
- C looked at fares and the suggestion and said, "Yes! Let's go bug (I mean visit) E!"

Before you knew it, plans were in the works. A weekend was picked! Time off was requested! The fun began bubbling up! We could visit E and go out to western Massachusetts to visit "the motherland"!

Then, real life got in the way of the fun. Something came up for K's work.

Now it looks like we won't get to go. However, even if we don't go (offer up some prayers to Mary Lyon, whydoncha?), the thought was there and brought some fun to an otherwise uneventful Tuesday in October.

Now I've got some days off in November. What do we think I should do with them?

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Katie O said...

Yeah, sorry about that. But it was fun, wasn't it? Stupid advocacy group! Stupid grown-up responsibilities!

I am sending prayers to Mary Lyon, I promise, but I don't think even Mary Lyon can fix this one.

(Do you know, I used to go and stand at the grave and talk to her when I was really having trouble with something? She was helpful ... and quiet.)