Saturday, October 10, 2009

Activities to Make Life Good

The new 9-to-5 job leaves me with evenings and weekends generally free and clear. TV has become less of a presence in my life in the evenings, which is a good thing. Less TV + fewer responsibilities = ability to join activities. I have already joined a knitting group, which is super-fun because I am making friends and have people there to help me when I need it during new and exciting projects. For example, I am nearly done with a nifty linen bag, but would have driven myself batty if I had not had help to finish it -- there were things in the instructions that I didn't understand how to do, but the women at knitting group helped me.

I think that I need to add a few more activities to make life really good -- some sort of exercise and perhaps a singing outlet of some sort. Both might require some research or perhaps just some good, old-fashioned motivation. We'll see what turns up. :)

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