Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reflections on Summer Camp

The general temperature & humidity here in MD remind me of the middle of summer in NH, and there is the sound of crickets coming in the wide open windows. It reminds me of the summer I spent living in a yurt, the time spent playing outside. I remember playing Ultimate Frisbee with a light up frisbee in the deepening twilight, until it was too dark to actually see the other people running around the field. The number of stars is amazing. There's nothing like teaching a kid to light their first match, make their first campfire, and eat their first s'more.

Essentials for camp:
- Showers are only necessary every few days (two hours off are often better spent sleeping)
- Coffee is one of the best treats known to humankind
- Don't drink liquids after 7 pm
- Counselors are pretty much the coolest adults on the planet to children
- There's something magical about a place where you get called by something that doesn't remotely resemble a proper name


MC said...

That makes me want to be at camp right now! Of course, that is where I usually want to go when the real world gets a little too stressful for me to handle!

cmk said...