Friday, August 8, 2008

NH Part 3

Nearing the end of the NH vacation... I've gotten to spend lots of time with family and getting to do the things I love here. So many of my favorite things are food -- but I think I got to hit all of my favorite food places on this trip: the Ice House in Rye, the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, and the Golden Egg in Portsmouth. I didn't make it to the beach (yet!), but I'm not sure the weather's going to cooperate on that one, especially since I'll be in a class in Keene all week next week. I also got to go to the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen's annual fair in Sunapee, NH. I really enjoy seeing all of the beautiful things that people make: art, rugs, photos, decorations, jewelry, etc. I usually buy a few pieces, whether that's art or something else. This year, I bought two pairs of earrings: one from Milkweed Cottage and another from Caitlin Burch. So beautiful!

I'm rested and ready to return shortly to points south.

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