Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, my friend Sarah wrote a post here about her feelings concerning feminism, Hillary, and her mom. You should read it, because it's interesting. In addition, I totally agree with her about having conflicted feelings regarding voting for Hillary and the fact that she has dropped out of the race.

There was an interesting article, along those same lines, about the characteristics of the next female candidate, and the assurance that there will be one, and it won't be another 200 years before the next one. From Slate.

Slate has had a series of interesting articles discussing feminism, the rift because of Hillary, how to smooth things over, etc. Sarah did a nice job rounding these and others up, so I won't recap here. Newest:
- advice to Obama on how to reject Hillary as VP
- the death of feminism is "greatly exaggerated"

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