Sunday, May 25, 2008

Family Fun & Total Randomness

Mom (who is still here pending results of my biopsy) and I went out to dinner this evening with family, some others of whom are also visiting from out of the area. It was a very nice restaurant and a very good meal with excellent company. My family. is. awesome.

I bought some fun things at Paper Source, which I will tell about later, perhaps. Probably the neatest thing, to me, was something I didn't even plan on buying, a little package of fill-in business cards, where you can write your name, telephone, and email. Here's why I think I need these: when I go to MHC-type events, people hand me their business card. Despite being a professional, it's a profession that doesn't use business cards, leaving me feeling empty-handed and dumb when others start handing theirs around. I actually own a sterling silver business card holder engraved with my name from my Girl Scout days, but haven't used it since 2003, when I left that job. Now, new thing to use it with!

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