Sunday, May 4, 2008

Countdown to News

Playing the waiting game is difficult at best, no matter what kind: job, personal, health, financial, etc. I am currently waiting for my lymph node removal on May 20. The lymph node needs to be removed so that it can be tested for Hodgkins. What I really need to do for myself in the midst of the waiting is avoid reading anything about cancer and resist the temptation to Google. Articles like this (towards the end) and searches like this can only bring on the freak out. Just one of those cases where avoidance is going to be better than information. If I get diagnosed with such a thing, then I can look up all the information I can handle.

I really hope that the pathology on the lymph node comes back ASAP.


Rene Gutel said...

Wow, I had no idea. I'll be thinking of you. Good luck and hang in there!

cmk said...

Thanks Rene! This spring has been sort of hairy.