Saturday, October 11, 2008

Laughing is Good

Friday in school, I was giving an example while talking about 1984. I was trying to get the kids around to the idea that in order to make friends with someone, you have to trust them, since you share things about your life with them. But in 1984, you can't trust anyone, so therefore, there's not really friendship. I was telling the following story:

"So, let's say I'm a student and I have a class every day with Mary. And before class, I say things like, 'Hey Mary, how are you today?' and she replies, "Not bad Cynthia, how about you?'" When I said my first name, the kids started to freak out: "That's your name? Cynthia?" I ran to the classroom door, busted out into the library, and yelled "Hold the phone! Teachers have first names!"

The kids were giggling uncontrollably. It was funnier than funny and just the right thing for last period on a Friday afternoon.

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