Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beautiful Day

I went into DC this morning to meet a friend for brunch and it was an absolutely beautiful day. The weather was perfect and the company was excellent. Bright blue sky, no clouds, abundant sunshine. After brunch, I walked down to the National Gallery of Art to see the new photographic exhibit (which was disturbingly small...). Two miles of walking through some beautiful neighborhoods, past the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Capitol building. Speaking of the Capitol, there are already parts blocked off with signs that say "for the 2009 presidential inauguration." After the NGA, I walked past the National Archives on the way to the metro, where there was a big banner hanging with the date 1783 -- and I wracked my brain thinking "1783, 1783, what's 1783?" Then I figured it out: 1783 is the year that the Revolutionary War ended, the year the Treaty of Paris was signed -- it's apparently the 225th anniversary of that event. Awesome American history teacher, right here...

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