Monday, September 8, 2008

Too Much Fun

I had so much fun over the weekend, starting the reunion planning process and just generally gallavanting around old South Hadley. Cider doughnuts from Atkins, lunch from Tailgate, running through the pouring rain, reconnecting under the trees by the grave. There was funny too, and in that spirit, I present to you, dear readers, our rejected reunion themes:

- Balls.
- Rap Show.
- What's in my box?
- Where are we? Reunion!
- Listen, bitches...
- We (heart) Sarah Palin.
- Straight women unite!

Rarely ever do I do so much giggling as when I am with MHC women.

One of the other favorite quotes for the weekend:
"It's just not a trip to Atkins if you're not crammed in a car with lots of other MHC women." --Anna B.

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