Monday, September 15, 2008

On a Plane

So, ladies and gents, here's a tip from your friendly neighborhood single person: no matter how attractive the person sitting next to you on an airplane is, it's rude to tap them on the shoulder and ask them to talk to you "because you're bored" when that person is wearing headphones AND reading a book. Yes, this happened to me on the way home from NH. Luckily, he shut up when I told him I'd been in NH for a funeral. The other option, I suppose, would have been to tell him that I'd been visiting my boyfriend, which would have been an outright lie, rather than just an exaggeration. Sheesh!
Quote from a book I'm currently reading, The Gathering by Anne Enright:
"And what amazes me as I hit the motorway is not the fact that everyone loses someone, but that everyone loves someone. It seems like such a massive waste of energy -- and we all do it, all the people beetling along between the white lines, merging, converging, overtaking. We each love someone, even though they will die. And we keep loving them, even when they are not there to love anymore. And there is no logic or use to any of this, that I can see." p. 28

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