Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I sure do adore vacation. I have not thought about work (much) in the last week and am truly thankful for the fact that I get to "work from home" for the next few days. Christmas in NH was a time of much family, many card games, a lot of food, and a dash of silliness. As usual, it was all about food: Christmas Eve appetizer/dessert gathering, Christmas morning bran muffins (laugh all you want, this is a treat), Christmas day food-food-food, & dinner at a few favorite local restaurants. I got to see a few dear friends, some of whom live very far away, and had fun, as usual, with my crazy, open, loud, loving family. I got to meet my new niece, who is only 2-ish weeks old.

The most memorable moment of my time in NH? Seeing surfers. Yes, surfers, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of NH, where the water is 40-ish degrees at the end of December.

Thinking about weeding out my book collection (which was added to over the holiday): "Books You Can Live Without."

Proud of the fact that I actually left enough room in my suitcase for my Christmas gifts to make it home, no extra bag required. :)

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